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Presets for lightroom

To make Instagram feed looks organically and pleasantly, many bloggers and business accounts resort to the design of their publications in the same style. Everyone does it in their own way: someone adheres to certain colors in the photo, excluding unnecessary ones, someone uses one set of filters for all photos, but the smartest ones use Lightroom presets.

The concept of a preset in Instagram came from the program Lightroom. The essence of it is to create, save and use the same photo processing settings for all images. The preset is created for one photo, and then simply copied to the next. That's means that you do not have to re-process the photos every time. Using Lightroom presets, with just one click you can instantly make your photo 90 ‚Äď 95 % processed, and sometimes one click is enough to complete the processing!

Each preset is fully customizable, and any parameter can be easily increased or decreased on its own, if it is required for a particular photo.

If the preset is too bright on the photo, the brightness can be reduced, if the photo is too yellow, then you can reduce the yellow color, if the skin is too pale - make it more tanned, without darkening everything.

You can have many presets set for different styles. For example, you can choose a preset with caramel shades to edit summer photos or add rich and vibrant colors to autumn landscapes. Therefore, presets are much more convenient, and the profile with them looks much more interesting!

The advantages of using presets:

  • Saving time;¬†
  • Facilitatethe¬†processing¬†of¬†photos;¬†
  • Helpin¬†creating¬†a¬†visually¬†beautiful¬†design¬†of¬†the¬†account;¬†
  • Createa¬†single¬†profile¬†style;¬†
  • Abilityto¬†sell¬†them,¬†

You can use presets on your smartphone and on your computer. The only difference is the installation technology. Presets on our website are free to download to your phone and do not require a special subscription for future use. This makes it possible for absolutely everyone to create high-quality photos using a mobile phone and not to be a professional photographer.

There are different categories of presets, for example:

  • forportrait¬†photos;
  • forlove-story;
  • forlandscapes;
  • forchildren's¬†photos;

We have very convinient navigation system in our site, so you can easily find any preset you need. If you are looking for high-quality theme filters, pay attention to Wedding or Romantic presets (for processing wedding photos or love-story) and Portrait presets (for processing portraits). For those who maintain their profile in Instagram in black and white, B&W category will be perfect. All of the above presets are perfect for photos taken on a smartphone and for mobile application.

It does not matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will like these presets and the results of their application, the usage of presets helps us to maintain a harmonious profile in Instagram. Let someone say that it's just a fashion trend, and will soon go into oblivion in Instagram. But as long as it's relevant and as long as it works, why not learn a useful photo processing tool.