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Presets for Lightroom phones free download

Any modern application is released today in the mobile version. Lightroom is no exception. Not surprisingly, the photo from a mobile phone has become an integral part of our life. Lightroom, installed in a mobile device, greatly simplifies the life of lovers of selfies and other photos.

In order to process a photo on a computer, you must first transfer it to a PC, import it into the program, and then process it. The installed application on the phone allows you to process the photo immediately after it is taken, and immediately publish it on social networks or other resources available to the user. This makes the content up-to-date and fresh, and allows subscribers, friends and other people who have access to your resource to follow the events of your life online.

That is why the presets for the Lightroom application are gaining more and more popularity every day. Today you can download a variety of collections of presets for any tasks that can be used in a variety of cases. Please note that presets with the lrtemplat extension are intended for PC use only and cannot be used on the phone. For mobile versions, the dng extension is suitable.