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Sports presets for Lightroom free download

Photo in the genre of «sport» is one of the most difficult genres. Often you have to shoot people in motion, sometimes this movement is very dynamic. At the same time, the beauty of the athletic body, the relief of muscles and the atmosphere of sports helps to create interesting photos.

When photographing sports competitions, the author is not subject to certain points — weather, lighting, the point from which he is allowed to shoot. All this can affect the quality of the pictures. It is very difficult to take a photo in motion with perfect focus, perfect lighting, exposure and a clean background.

At the same time, sports photography is a very dynamic, complex and high-speed direction. Sometimes a photographer only has a split second to take an impressive shot. In this, he is similar to the athletes themselves — reaction and speed often decide everything.

In addition, professional sports photographers advise using the best equipment, and it can be very expensive, and even if you made sports photography your profession, it will pay off only in a very distant future.

The solution may be to use special sports presets, which, in the presence of the original interesting picture, can improve the photo.