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Vintage presets for Lightroom free download

Photo filters with the effect of film photos have remained popular for several years, Instagram once started with such presets. Vintage photos remain relevant to this day.

A vintage filter gives a warm, nostalgic picture. They work best with photographs, where there is a lot of blue — sea, sky and so on.

These filters make the colors a bit muted and the outlines blurry. At the same time, the photograph itself magically becomes more expressive. A very interesting effect is given by presets with low contrast. In this case, the original colors are almost not affected, the contrast decreases and the light and shadow are slightly adjusted.

A photograph can be “aged” until the inception of photography, thus creating an amazing atmosphere of the early 19th century. The field for creative implementation with the use of vintage presets is very extensive — from patriotic Soviet times to the period of pictures on the Polaroid. You can process photos in the style of an old movie, make retro portraits and ancient landscapes, and much more.

There are never too many vintage presets, right? Then download free vintage presets for Lightroom right now. Good shots and good memories!