Presets for processing nature

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Presets for processing nature for Lightroom free download

A photo in nature is not at all like a photo in an interior. It doesn’t matter what the author photographs — a pure landscape or a person against the background of nature, the photo can turn out to be highly artistic.

Presets for image processing of nature are the most numerous and diverse, as well as the diverse nature of the Earth. Forest or steppe landscape, photographs in which the main volume is water or sky, mountain or desert landscape — this diversity provides the basis for creating a huge number of filters.

It would seem that nature itself is beautiful. But an unsuccessful shot can significantly reduce the impression of the most magnificent landscape. Even a very professional and high-quality image is sometimes not able to convey the beauty and grandeur of the landscape. A correctly selected preset can fix the defects of an unsuccessful photo, and enhance the impression of a quality photo.

For example, the author wants to focus on the sky. Focusing on this part of the landscape, he will in any case leave the lower part darker. In this case, a filter that brightens the bottom of the photo will help.

Image processing presets for Lightroom can be downloaded for free here.