New Year’s Presets

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New Year’s presets for Lightroom free download

New Year is a time of miracles, fairy tales and … a huge number of photos. After the holidays, the memory of your phone or camera is literally full of photos — family and solemn, home-like cozy and officially festive. Many want to process them, because the New Year holidays are a special time, and I want them to be captured in a special way.

Handling a large array of photos manually is problematic, which is why professional photographers create collections of special New Year’s filters. They help in a single click to give photos a unique, magical style and festive atmosphere of the New Year.

Filters are created taking into account the type of lighting: natural, electric or lighting with energy-saving lamps. It should be borne in mind that New Year’s Eve is still a night, and street photos under the Christmas tree are unlikely to turn out very high-quality. For these cases, there is also a special preset.

Since the New Year theme involves a fair range for the realization of a variety of fantasies, the filters can divert a photo into various color shades — blue, blue, purple, violet, golden …. In principle, in any. New Year is a time when it is possible that on ordinary days will seem strange and tasteless. Therefore, download free New Year’s presets Lightroom and dare, fantasize and create!