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Portrait presets for Lightroom free download

Portrait is the most complex genre of photography and fine art in general. With the help of only a person, one needs to convey the depth of character, personality traits, external and internal beauty, as well as the conditions in which this personality exists.

From the way light falls, the overall impression of the photo will depend on the angle or look. Processing portrait photos includes a lot of tools: correcting exposure errors, changing colors and shades, removing skin defects, retouching, removing unnecessary objects in the frame, changing the background, tinting, and much more. There are many ready-made presets with saved settings, including thematic ones.

For example, photographs from some celebrations may contain a large number of portrait shots. It can be a wedding, anniversary, any other holiday, where the hero or heroes are in the spotlight. Even amateur photos can be made artistic using thematic presets. And if a photographer is able to disfigure any person with the touch of a finger, then the photo processor in one click is able to make a person beautiful!

You can take courses in photo processing and create authorial presets, or you can download portrait presets for Lightroom for free on our website.